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Soft Belly Brush

Vegan Massage Brush for Pregnant Women



    • Hand Made
    • Cruelty Free
    • Vegan
    • Made in Germany


Introducing the Soft Belly Brush - your companion for a revitalizing, natural skincare experience. This handcrafted treasure, proudly made in Germany, is a gentle, cruelty-free, vegan tool designed for those special moments during pregnancy. Crafted from exquisite beechwood, it's a delightful choice for your self-care regimen.

🤰 Gentle Pregnancy Ritual: Throughout history, practitioners of natural medicine have praised the benefits of dry brushing. They believe it boosts the immune system, detoxifies the body, and improves circulation. During pregnancy, enhancing blood flow is essential for preventing stretch marks. When paired with specific massage oils, this can become a wonderful ritual that nurtures your skin and enhances your well-being.

✨ Quality Meets Comfort: Our premium Mommy SPA Belly Brush is made from fine beechwood and features vegan bristles. It's the perfect tool for gently massaging your baby bump. This helps prepare your skin for subsequent care, such as applying Mommy SPA Belly Elixir. The massage opens up your pores, allowing your skin to absorb the nutrients from your skincare products more effectively.

🌿 Soft, Vegan Bristles: The synthetic bristles are exceptionally soft, making them ideal for a daily massage ritual that can bring relaxation and rejuvenation to your pregnancy journey. It's an experience you can enjoy alone or with a loved one.

Key Features:

  • A revitalizing dry brush crafted from high-quality beechwood for noticeably soft, smooth, and healthy-looking skin.

  • Promotes circulation and lymphatic flow while enhancing the absorption of skincare ingredients.

  • Provides noticeable skin firmness with regular use.

  • Ideal for a gentle massage of the baby bump.

  • Suitable for daily pregnancy massage.

  • Effectively prevents stretch marks with regular use.

  • Features particularly soft vegan bristles with no plastic components.

  • Traditionally crafted in Germany.

Our Mommy SPA Belly Brush, handcrafted from fine beechwood and featuring vegan bristles, is a tender self-care ritual for expectant mothers. With gentle massages, it strengthens the skin, promotes circulation, and helps prevent stretch marks. This daily morning ritual brings well-being and self-care to your pregnancy journey. Experience this unique care and order your Soft Belly Brush today.


The ideal time for dry brushing is in the morning. For a soothing baby belly massage, let the brush gently circle the skin in a clockwise direction. Start on the lower right side of your stomach and work your way up towards your ribs in small circular motions. Then continue brushing horizontally to the left side and return from there down to the starting point.
For a stimulating full-body massage, start with the areas furthest from the heart, such as the feet. Work towards the center of the body, towards the heart, with strong brush strokes or circular movements. For a healthy lymph flow, it is important to always work from the bottom up.
The skin will redden slightly during the process and a soothing tingling sensation will develop.
Even after the birth, a daily massage with the Belly Brush massage brush can help the skin regain its elasticity and existing streaks gently fade.

Note: If there are caesarean scars, these should be avoided as a precaution when massaging. If you have a general tendency to premature labour, it is advisable to consult your midwife in advance so that you do not stimulate labour. If you are unsure about the massage techniques, it is advisable to seek advice from your midwife or gynecologist.

Tip: If you have problems getting started in the morning, a light full-body massage is particularly recommended immediately after getting up, as it regulates blood pressure, gets your circulation going and at the same time activates the feel-good hormones. For this reason, this stimulating massage should not be used in the evening, as this could lead to problems falling asleep.

Care instructions: The bristles can be cleaned with a mild natural soap and then rinsed out with clear water. Then shake it out lightly and let it dry in a well-ventilated room (lying on the bristles!) - do not put it directly on a radiator! This guarantees a long and beautiful life for the Belly Brush massage brush.


Beech wood, synthetic bristles

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lieblings-Trockenbürste auch für Nicht-Mommies

Seit mehr als einem Jahr habe ich mit dem Trockenbürsten (ohne Wasser) angefangen und bin absolut begeistert.

Es macht die Haut super weich, regt den Lymphfluss und die Durchblutung an. Es mindert sogar die Entstehung von Cellulite, besser als jede Creme. Nach der Anwendung morgens, fühle ich mich zudem gleich viel wacher da das Lymphsystem dadurch angeregt wird.

Bisher hatte ich Trockenbürsten aus der Drogerie oder aus dem Internet, die allerdings sehr weich waren und weitere mit zusätzlichen Noppen, die recht hart waren.

Die Bürste von Mommy SPA ist aus veganen Borsten gefertigt und von einer sehr hochwertigen Qualität. Ich hatte noch nie so eine schöne Körperbürste. Sie wird zudem in einem liebevoll beschrifteten Beutel geliefert. Auch ist die Härte der Borsten optimal. Nicht zu hart aber auch nicht streichelweich.

Der Preis ist zwar fast doppelt so teuer wie bei meinen bisherigen aber die Investition lohnt sich.

Bin begeistert

Ich war skeptisch, ob diese Bürste das richtige für mich ist. Bin sehr schlank und konnte in der Schwangerschaft schnell keine Zupf Massagen mehr machen. Wollte aber die Durchblutung meiner Haut dennoch weiterhin unterstützen und hab mir diese Bürste bestellt. Ich liebe sie und verwende sie täglich. Sie hinterlässt keine Kratzer, ist aber auch nicht zu weich. Es tut einfach gut und ist auch toll, wenn mal der Rücken juckt. Gerade in den Phasen, in denen das Baby viel wächst und die Haut kribbelt, ist die Bürste eine Wohltat. Ich verwende sie trocken und trage danach Creme oder Öl auf.

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