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For a Better Life
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Our Criterias

Our Criterias

These are the V Welt Criteria for a Better World:


Contains no products derived from animals

Made in Europe 

Products are made in Europe

Eco Friendly 

Have minimal impact on the natural environment

Hand Made  

Made by hand and therefore of the highest quality

Zero Waste Goal  

A set of principles for waste prevention

Recycled & Recyclable 

Transform waste materials into new materials and objects

Cruelty Free 

Products that do not harm or kill animals


Products from renewable raw materials



Our criteria show us the way to a better future. Without exception, we only sell products that meet our criteria. As V Welt, we believe this is the way to a sustainable and better life. Favoring quality over quantity, we try to achieve more satisfaction with less production. We hope that you will become part of our vegan world.