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Straight Razor 5/8" | Racing Red

Carbon Steel with Celluloid Scales

€89,95 €100,00


    • Hand Made
    • Zero Waste Goal
    • Cruelty Free
    • Vegan
    • Made in Germany


Our 5/8" Racing Red Straight Razor is a true masterpiece for discerning men. Handcrafted in Solingen, Germany, from high-performance carbon steel, it offers the ultimate shaving experience. In its creation, we place special emphasis on environmental protection and ethics, following a zero-waste goal and avoiding animal cruelty. This razor is not only a product of the highest quality but also ethically responsible.

🪒 Perfect Shave: This straight razor provides a perfect shave that is gentle on the skin. The 5/8" blade size ensures precision and thoroughness, while the razor's lightweight design allows for effortless handling.

🔪 High-Quality Steel: The blade is made of highly tempered carbon steel, ensuring long-lasting sharpness with careful use and maintenance. This means you can enjoy numerous shaves without the need for frequent blade replacements.

💎 Racing Red Design: The striking red finish makes this razor a standout in your bathroom. It adds a touch of sporty elegance to your daily grooming routine and showcases your sense of style.

🌿 Environmentally Friendly and Ethical: By using reusable razors instead of disposable ones, you actively contribute to environmental conservation. Our 5/8" Racing Red Straight Razor is not only environmentally friendly but also ethically produced, with no animal cruelty involved.

Discover a razor that combines top-notch quality, environmental consciousness, and ethical values. Our 5/8" Racing Red Straight Razor is handcrafted, vegan, and made in Germany—an expression of sustainability and style.


- Prepare the skin by cleaning and soaking with warm water

- Wet the shaving brush and lather the shaving cream or soap in a bowl

- Applying the foam to the areas to be shaved with the shaving brush

- Run the razor across the skin at an angle of about 30 degrees

- Shave in short, even strokes against the direction of hair growth

- Regularly rinsing the blade with water to remove excess foam and hair

- After shaving, wash face thoroughly with cold water and apply moisturizing lotion


Carbon Steel

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