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Summer Sun Scent Blend

5 ml

€9,19 €9,90
€18,38 / 10ml


    • Eco Friendly
    • Cruelty Free
    • Vegan & Leaping Bunny Certified
    • Made in Germany


Longing for the warm tones of a sunny summer day? Fruity, sweet, and citrusy? Our Summer Sun Scent Blend, with Neroli, green mandarin, and orange, brings the unique flair of warm summer days directly into your home. It not only evokes memories of carefree summer days but also creates a cheerful and invigorating atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the scent of summer and enjoy the carefree lightness anytime.

🌱 Vegan: Our scent blend is free from animal ingredients and is produced in a cruelty-free manner.

🐇 Leaping Bunny certified: This certification guarantees that no animal testing was conducted during production.

🌸 Scent Profile: Fruity, sweet, citrusy

🌞 Scent Theme: Uplifting

Awaken the warm and uplifting feelings of summer in your home with our Summer Sun Scent Blend. High-quality, environmentally friendly, and made in Germany, this scent creates a relaxed and invigorating atmosphere, transforming your home into an oasis of summer freshness. Surround yourself with the uplifting power of Neroli, the invigorating lightness of green mandarin, and the fruity sweetness of orange. Treat yourself to the luxury of improving your indoor climate naturally and experience the feeling of warmth, lightness, and well-being.

Note: Due to our environmentally friendly and animal-friendly production practices, you can look forward not only to a wonderful scent but also to a clear conscience with each use.


Place a few drops of the scent mixture on a scent carrier, such as a scent stone or similar

Active Substances

🍊 Neroli - Uplifting:
The uplifting properties of Neroli help create a positive and invigorating atmosphere.

🍈 Green Mandarin - Invigorating:
The invigorating tones of green mandarin provide a stimulating and refreshing living environment.

🍊 Orange - Fruity:
The fruity notes of the orange give the blend a sweet and refreshing scent that brightens the indoor climate.


Orange, green mandarin, Neroli, among others

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