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Bamboo Brush Head for Kids | Philips Sonicare | Pink & Green


€8,49 €9,90


    • 100% Plastic-Free (No Hidden Plastic Core)
    • Made from Certified Sustainable Moso Bamboo (FSC 100%)
    • Cruelty Free & BPA Free
    • Certified climate neutral product
    • Vegan & Panda friendly
    • Plant a tree with every product
    • Made in Germany


Enhance your child's oral care while advocating for healthier oral hygiene with our revolutionary Bamboo Brush Head for Kids, designed for Philips Sonicare Kids in vibrant Pink and Green. These brush heads have been carefully crafted with your child's needs and environmental consciousness in mind, redefining the toothbrushing experience.

🧼 Gentle Bristles and Small Rounded Brush Head: These brush heads are specially designed to be gentle on children's sensitive teeth, providing effective yet comfortable cleaning.

🧸 Extra Smooth Surface for Ultimate Comfort: Say goodbye to rough bristles. Our brush heads offer a smooth surface for a pleasant and scratch-free cleaning experience.

🐋🦈🐠 Adorned with Four Engraved Sea Creature Motifs: Delight your child with charming engravings of endangered marine life on each brush head. It fosters enthusiasm for brushing while promoting environmental awareness.

🏆 Award-Winning Innovation: Our brush heads were awarded the Best New Product Award in 2022, marking a breakthrough in dental care for kids.

👧👦 Suitable for Children Ages 3 and Up: These brush heads are ideal for children aged 3 and up, suitable for both baby and permanent teeth, providing a nurturing and effective cleaning experience.

The future of children's dental care is here today!

Choose our innovative Bamboo Brush Head for Kids for a conscious choice regarding your child's oral health and environmental responsibility. You no longer need to compromise between advanced sonic toothbrush cleaning and environmental awareness. These electric brush heads, thoughtfully designed for children, are the result of collaboration with pediatric dentists, offering gentle yet effective cleaning for young and sensitive teeth.

With their soft bristles and compact, rounded brush heads, these brush attachments are perfect for children aged 3 and up, as they treat both baby and permanent teeth with care. The incredibly smooth surface ensures a comfortable cleaning process – no roughness, no wood taste, and most importantly, no petroleum-based plastics!

Each brush head is adorned with engravings depicting endangered marine creatures, bringing joy to children and promoting environmental awareness. Transform electric oral care into an exciting and sustainable adventure for environmentally conscious youngsters!

Enhance your child's oral care routine with bamboo brush heads that seamlessly blend sustainability and oral health.


You can use your bamboo toothbrush just like any classic brush head. The handle is made from 100% fast-growing Moso bamboo. Make sure there is no water in the bottom so your brush head will last longer. It is best to dry your brush head briefly with a towel after each use.

Tip: For optimal oral hygiene, we recommend that you change your brush head every two months.

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